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Who We Are.

All you need is love... or älskar (meaning love in Swedish).

We are a kids unisex organic essentials clothing store dedicated to reducing fast fashion by using sustainable fabrics produced in ethical factories.
Each garment is cleverly designed to be oversized in a way that children are able to wear now and grow into, by creating this longevity in our garments it helps parents save money by not having to continually buy clothing for the forever growing babies. We have given great thought to each colour and fabric we use to allow our pieces to be worn over and over again whether it be matching or mismatched.
We have made a conscious effort to ensure we have no prints or slogans, just plain well made essentials that last and can be given as hand me downs.
*Wear Me, Love Me, Mend Me, Pass Me On*


Älskar Concept.

We are not just your average kids clothing brand, we want to change the fast fashion industry by not only providing better kids clothes that don't have a negative impact on the environment but by also supporting children in need as well as the planet.

  • Helping the world- We don't want to just support one charity, we believe in saving the world and therefor have chosen a different charity for every set that is released. Theres no one cause that is more important than the other we believe in saving the environment, our animals, children and families in poverty and our oceans. 

  • Recycled fashion- We will have an online section where our customers are able to submit to donate a piece of children's clothing that they no longer want, need or use, we will sell it for them (providing it is still in good condition), the customer can chose to donate 50% (the other 50% goes to the customer) or 100% of the profit to The Smith Family- an Australian, independent non-profit children's charity whose goal is to create opportunities for disadvantaged children and their families and encourage them to participate more fully in society, using education as a key tool to help reduce poverty. To say thank you to our customers for their donation they will receive a discount to use in our online store. 


Future Mission.

We want to get our hands dirty and help make positive changes not just financially but physically. We endeavour to hold our own fundraisers by planting trees, cleaning up beaches, delivering food to those in need and helping animals. We eventually want to open our own Älskar Foundation that will run fundraisers and competitions to fly people around the world doing to help volunteer in clean ups, poverty stricken countries and planting trees. Together we can make this world a beautiful place for everyone.


Our Story.

Our story started in 2018. My then 1 year old daughter and I moved from Melbourne, Australia to Bali, Indonesia in the hopes of building a new business and new life. The concept was to be a children's play cafe that was designed to have an imaginative play area with a babysitter, a healthy but fun menu dedicated to fussy kids and an organic children's wear section. After months and months of planning, renovating, designing, promoting, training staff and setting up the store all by myself from scratch we were hit with a 6.9 magnitude earthquake which was followed by aftershocks, more earthquakes and tsunami warnings. The anxiety I felt being alone in a foreign country by myself with a baby was immense, we were sleeping downstairs on cushions with a tsunami bag packed ready to jump on our motorbike at any moment. With only 2 weeks away from our grand opening I had to throw in the towel and move back to Australia.  

When I got back home I felt like a failure, but I pulled up my socks and carried on. I had brought back all the stock I got made for the shop and decided to sell it online. I rebranded and came up with a concept that resinated with me, my life experiences and values... in March 2019 älskar was born.


Fast fashion.

Have you ever bought something and only worn it once? or perhaps you washed it and it fell apart? Maybe you've even bought something only to realise you don't like it. Have you ever bought something online and it either doesn't fit you or doesn't look good? Or maybe you've bought a piece of clothing purely because it was on sale.
Most of us are guilty of doing this (me included) but unfortunately it is having a massive impact on our earth and is environmentally unsustainable. In a fast paced world, the rate in which we are producing, consuming and discarding clothes is increasing and will result in irreversible consequences.


Doing our bit.

To reduce our carbon footprint we only use biodegradable resources, this includes our delivery bags which are compostable, our swing tags and branding are made out of recycled paper and all of our packaging is fully recyclable.


Small batch production.

We only make our clothing in small batches, this helps to ensure we avoid over producing. It also means we can judge the demand on our products which helps in reducing our impact on the planet and helps refine and improve our processes each time.